p+m home tour

As promised, here are a few pictures our home. I am madly in love with it, even more so after a great carpet cleaning. Yesterday I made a purchase that changed my life… table lamps for our night stands. I know how goofy this sounds, but I never bothered to have them and now I am completely in love… and it’s only been one night! (AND they were purchased from Target for less than $20 a piece!)

Our bed (often known as Sebastian’s bed)

Our reading nook/ window area that is going through identity crisis…

Our little computer desk area (that desk is one my fav antique market finds!)

Our living room area

Bar stool transformation — after paint & reupholstering, I absolutely adore them!

Tea cart transformation — perfect for the space next to our fridge!

Update: View pictures of our kitchen here



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3 responses to “p+m home tour

  1. lauren

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it! i especially love your headboard. sooo cute and quaint. so shabby chic!

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