kitchen makeover

I was looking at our p+m home tour pictures and realized that I never included pictures of our kitchen! Half of the reason is because I am a space cadet and forgot – the other half is because it is a work in progress and I haven’t exactly decided what to do next.

Here is the before…

Ok seriously – black laminate cabinets? original (1960!) oven?

Here is another angle – in case you missed the TV-in-the-cupboard detail.

Clearly there was room for some changes. Luckily, we love a good project! Even more lucky, we have the world’s greatest landlords who agreed to let us deduct whatever we spent on a new oven from our rent. Somehow this generous offer and Preston’s mad Craigslist skills allowed us to get a beautiful, brand new stainless steel oven and microwave for nothing at all. We also had Home Depot gift cards from my sweet sister which we were able to use for our paint and supplies – free again! Preston’s super-handy and oh-so-nice step dad, Dave, was in town and the credit for most of this transformation goes to him. While I was out of town, him and P primed and painted and turned our retro black kitchen into this…

Please excuse our messy counters – I clearly haven’t done my weekly cleaning.

It is by no means perfect and is still very much a work in progress but it is SUCH an improvement from what was going on in there before. I still need to decide what in the world is going on above the cabinets. I am also contemplating doing something fun (wallpaper?)  above the cabinet or maybe just on the awkward wood strip. I’ve dabbled with the idea of painting a couple of the cupboards with chalkboard paint, too. So many options! Luckily, I have been getting lots of inspiration from here and here and P and I have an IKEA trip planned this weekend! I will be sure to post pictures as we continue to make changes.



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