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friday flashback

Being as I embarrassed P last week, I have decided it only fair to offer some back in the day goodness of myself. And by goodness, I mean chubby-cheeked, crazy-haired, less- cute-than-baby-Preston photos of mini Morgan.

It looks as if I may have been storing that donut in my large cheeks – a Sunday School snack perhaps?

I know, I know, I have had great fashion sense from the very beginning!

I wouldn’t want to hog this post’s picture glory all to myself – so here are my brothers and sisters as well! (Joel, Beka, Hannah, Jesse and little me) 


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growing a (goofy) relationship

I think life is better with a little goofy. And fortunately for me, my life seems to offer a lot of goofy. Particularly the part of my life called Preston. Like yesterday, when he looked at me very seriously and said, “As our relationship has grown,” to which I was anticipating some sort of mushy-gushy love confession, “so has your hair.”  And then he doubled over laughing at his cleverness. Or this weekend, when Preston outdid me in the clumsy arena (a first) by spilling scrabble tiles all over the floor, spilling brunch mimosa on himself, running into things repeatedly and accidentally slamming me into the sliding glass door when picking me up. But, because every post is better with pictures, here is some more goofy to get you through the week…

This post is not to imply that Preston is the only goofy one…

….but rather to exploit his goofiness as often people only witness me falling down, tripping and saying embarrassing things.

It seems as if these sort of goofy attributes run in my family…

…case in point. It would appear I also select friends with similar qualities

Do you, too, partake in baking taw kwon do?

Happy Thursday! Both Preston and I are counting down the minutes until the end of the day – we are VERY excited about our long weekend. Newport is calling our name!


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a little patriotic planning

Naturally, with it being absolutely beautiful out today, my mind started to brainstorm all sorts of fun activities to do under the sun. And naturally, hosting an out-door shin dig on our porch was the first thing I thought of. It only follows, that I would head over to my favorite new website, to gather all sorts of inspiration.

All of the link love is on my pinterest board– give me a follow

I hope you are still willing to be my friend, despite the fact that I plan months in advance and get far too excited over any thing reminiscent of a holiday. I like to celebrate, what can I say?

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goodbye, sweet weekend

I guess, with it being Tuesday and all, I need to let the weekend go. Luckily, our weekend starts in two days so I can’t frown for too long! I really do love working, I just love playing a little bit more. Our Easter weekend was fabulous and we loved playing with Lauren. We feasted on way too much Easter candy, made other yummy treats, attended Easter service at a new church, played Scrabble (Preston won although Lauren and I did beat him at Words with Friends – yes, we are that geeky), played football at the beach and of course, shopped!

My sweet Easter basket – complete with the yellow dress I’ve been wanting! 🙂

Cutesie pie Lauren SO excited for some In ‘N’ Out

Our football field yesterday afternoon (until I pouted about my hurt ankle – which is a whole other goofy, uncoordinated post)

And for all of you who want something even yummier than the beach on a 80 degree day to think about, imagine this suit…


 …on my Preston guy. I took a picture of him in it in the fitting room (I’m shameless) and it somehow got ‘accidentally’ deleted. Not cool, Preston, not cool. No need to worry, I will post many, many photos after Preston wears it this weekend in Newport and in June at (this) wedding.

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Last month I mentioned our kitchen makeover – or rather our work-in-progress-kitchen-makeover that was very much needing some extra oomph to be complete. Here’s a reminder of it’s current state.

While this picture doesn’t capture the entire above the cupboard wall space, there is TONS, trust me. I have played with the idea of putting books, vases with flowers (big fail, it came crashing down on the tile days later) and other odds and ends up there, yet nothing has pleased me enough to stay. I refuse to give into what somehow became the decorative norm and but green fake viney things up there. I stumbled upon these images today which got my mind rolling…

Both images from this lovely blog

How precious would two plate racks look placed horizontally on top of the cupboard? (Note: they would be on the slanted, much larger wall not picture in the above photo.) I have a few plates that would look great displayed and I’ve no doubt I could thrift many more. Ooooh ideas. Now I simply need plate racks!

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friday flashback

What better way to celebrate the near beginning of the weekend than to flash back 20 years to Preston’s childhood…

I just want to squeeze that little belly button!

How cute is he as Batman?! I am loving the sheets, too!

And because no post is complete without a story – here is a fun little tale of Preston as a youngin’. Although he is sporting Batman gear here, his true obsession was Zorro. I’ve been told by his parents that he would mark ‘Z’s on everything to let everybody know that Preston Zorro had been there. So cute!

Happy Good Friday and Earth Day friends – enjoy your Easter weekend!


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easter love

SPOILER ALERT – If your name is Preston, Lauren or Sebastian stop reading. Right now. Click out of this browser. Preston, I know you are still reading. Stop it. And now for the rest of you –

My sweets, I cannot wait for Easter. Last evening I tended to baskets for my loves. Here’s the goodies…

No shortage of chocolate – trust me 🙂

How cute are these sweet bottles?

The (almost) final products

Highlights – Friday Night Lights, banana bread beer & penguin gummies

Highlights – cupcake marshmallows,  cutesie candle & Easter soda

Highlights – doggie toothbrush, vitamins & bone

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