goodbye, sweet weekend

I guess, with it being Tuesday and all, I need to let the weekend go. Luckily, our weekend starts in two days so I can’t frown for too long! I really do love working, I just love playing a little bit more. Our Easter weekend was fabulous and we loved playing with Lauren. We feasted on way too much Easter candy, made other yummy treats, attended Easter service at a new church, played Scrabble (Preston won although Lauren and I did beat him at Words with Friends – yes, we are that geeky), played football at the beach and of course, shopped!

My sweet Easter basket – complete with the yellow dress I’ve been wanting! 🙂

Cutesie pie Lauren SO excited for some In ‘N’ Out

Our football field yesterday afternoon (until I pouted about my hurt ankle – which is a whole other goofy, uncoordinated post)

And for all of you who want something even yummier than the beach on a 80 degree day to think about, imagine this suit…


 …on my Preston guy. I took a picture of him in it in the fitting room (I’m shameless) and it somehow got ‘accidentally’ deleted. Not cool, Preston, not cool. No need to worry, I will post many, many photos after Preston wears it this weekend in Newport and in June at (this) wedding.


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