I have by no means consumed enough coffee to compose a real post today, instead here are sound bites of our life right now…

*I am proud to be an American – it looks like my patriotic planning was in fact, perfect timing

*What do you get the world’s best momma for Mother’s Day?


Make her one of these?

Or perhaps one of these with silhouettes of all her babes & grandbabes?

*Sweet potato fries and beer seem to be reoccurring themes in our life

*Could these family photos be any cuter? (She’s doing a giveaway on her blog today)

*I would love nothing more than a sewing machine

Does anyone have a spare Brother XL2600I?  

*I know how late I am, but I have to say it regardless. Kate Middleton was perfection on her special day.

I hope I look half as beautiful on my wedding day!

*We have great friends. And one fabulous, sunny weekend is not enough with them!

*If said great friends lived in SD, I would be making these this Thursday…



And probably these too



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2 responses to “thoughts

  1. Thanks for the blog Morgan! I always look forward to new posts!

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