projects, projects, projects

I like projects. I mean, I really really like projects. While at the Carlsbad Fair this weekend, Preston laughed at me because each time I found something I liked, he would ask me if I wanted it, and I would excitedly say, “No…I want to make it!” If only I was ambitious as I make myself out to be. While I would love to be working on huge, crazy, blog-worthy projects, I’m sticking to cute cards and mini projects due to time, budget and space restraints. However, if these weren’t an issue, I would so be making all of these…

Shutter organizer – cute AND budget friendly!


DIY mini ottomans – yes please!

Home made chandelier – heaven!

How cute! Once I get my sewing machine, I’m all over this!

Would it be way goofy to do these with P & M?

Want to know what makes me even more excited that crafting? Knowing that in exactly one week I get to see this sweet family! Until then I will be busying myself making these Cinco de Mayo treats, creating lots of birthday & graduation cards and day dreaming about big projects!


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