sweet faces

They are on the plane back to Seattle right now and I miss these sweet faces already…

Arianna fully appreciated the ‘Shamu, Shamu!’ chant

She had the CUTEST summer outfits all week long – she was easily the best dressed girl at all the theme parks 🙂

Remy was so happy to see Uncle P – and even made a really goofy joke that Preston was the new favorite (serious bruising to my ego)

Luckily playing with Arianna, especially when she made her ‘WOOW’ face, brighten my mood


We loved the zoo – so much so that P and I are annual pass holders now!

I have a thing for elephants after reading Water for Elephants… and a thing for cute little girls with their hands down my shirt

 Yesterday morning my sweet sister and brother in law treated us to Goofy’s Kitchen for breakfast – SO MUCH FUN!


We also made time during the trip to visit Uncle P at work – and Remy got to make his own gluten free pizza! I told Remy that they were going to hire him to open up the new store – which he took seriously and told his parents he had to move down to California for work purposes. Score!



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