cheers – it’s friday

I, for one, am a HUGE fan of four-day work weeks! How is it already Friday?! No complaints here! I am not normally one to post twice, especially on a Friday (did I mention I’m happy its Friday?), but when my sister sent me the below picture, I said to myself, ‘Self, you are terrible person if you don’t spread the happiness!’ So, here is some lovin’ from the sweetest baby girl I know…


Some more goodness from around the web…

Please give me an excuse to make these.

I felt like this for a great majority of the week. Sorry Preston. 

Maybe I should fill out one of these as an apology for my bratty antics?

My birthday wish list is a bouquet of these and one of these.

Sunday night dinner?

I would die happy if I got to live in this house. Half because it is beautiful, half because I am OBSESSED with this movie.

Would it be lame if I had a Pinterest board dedicated to inspiration for babies I don’t have? Don’t answer that…



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