wedding goodness

While in Las Vegas this past weekend we attended the Mackin wedding. The wedding was absolutely beautiful, as were the sweet couple. I have stolen a few pictures to share (thank you Facebook) because I was so busy drooling over every perfect detail that I barely remembered to take any pictures! Preston was a groomsmen and couldn’t of looked any more handsome!

It looks as if this was straight out of my Real Simple Wedding magazine. I promise these are real people, not models!

My Internet stalking skills seem to be decreasing…I can’t find the photographer’s site to link to. Regardless, the photos are beautiful!

While P was busy looking handsome for lots of photos, I danced and drank with this cute girl!

I think this is the one normal-looking (almost) photo of P and I the whole night – I am terrible!

Super blurry – but too cute not to put up!

It was the first wedding Preston and I have been to since we were engaged and it was so fun to think that it will be us in just over a year!


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