flying by

Is it really mid-August?! I can’t believe how fast time is flying, I am already starting to crave pumpkin spice lattes and fall-colored accents – the sure signs that autumn is near. 🙂 I need to get up-to-date on my summer posts, so here is the first: birthday fun! Though it was over two weeks ago, I would still love to share some photos of my fun day. It was wonderful, thanks to my sweet future in-laws who spoiled me rotten, a fiance who made sure I had my favorite things, a wonderful trip to the M Cafe and sweet phone calls and messages from family and friends!

Yes, that is in fact my St. Bernard on a paddle boat, my St. Bernard kissing a cow (until he barked and scared her away) and a delicious  home-made lemon cake (my absolute favorite) that sweet Preston spent four hours baking and surprised me with. If that (and the most amazing presents – thank you!) doesn’t make for a great birthday, I don’t know what does!


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