serious issues…

…called shower curtains. Yes, I am serious. Yes, I know it is ridiculous. But these are things nobody tells you about growing up – that you are going to search endlessly for two weeks searching for the perfect shower curtain and fail miserably. I have checked Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Antropology, Urban Outfitters, Amazon, Wal Mart and Etsy. As usual, the only one I found that I loved was above my shower curtain budget, which has gone from $30 to $50 to $75. So, I did what anybody with a problem searching for an answer would do. I went to Pinterest…

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

{image sources can be found here}

So there it is, our bathroom will be pulling inspiration from these beauties and will have a grey, yellow, light blue color scheme. I thought about painting but in a recent slew of events (meaning I hired the world’s slowest painter because I have terrible luck but that is a whole other post) we are sticking with the light blue and I am going to rock it! And that, my friends, is my serious bathroom issue. Which I should probably not say since that sounds a little awkward…


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