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summer sweetness

Speaking of summer updates, here is another! The past few weeks have been full of horse races, visiting with friends and family and enjoying the sun… except for today which is completely cloudy. I haven’t even begun touching my Seattle vacation pictures, but I will be sure to post those shortly (along with some jump-up-and-down happy news)!

Hope your summer is filled with faces as equally wonderful as that sweet puppy boy!


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farmers market fun

My new schedule allows me time to enjoy the Farmers Markets on weekday afternoons and I couldn’t be any happier about it. My pink bike and I set out for an afternoon full of veggies and flowers, and I was so excited that my Canon would be accompanying us to the market… until the battery died. I was a little heartbroken, but thankfully I will be back there next week! Until then, here are the few pictures I snapped before the untimely battery issue.

 Happy Friday! I am so looking forward to more fun San Diego activities this weekend!

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summer: to do

Welp, now that I have showed you what I want to eat and how I want to dress for summer, I might as well share what I want to do! ūüėČ Here are the top things on my list….

1. Go Camping

2. Take at least two bike rides a week

3. Take advantage of the warm beach!

4. Find a church in San Diego that P + I love

5. Do some volunteer work

6. Try at least 10 new places in San Diego {I am planning on doing lots of these with my sweet parents when they visit in a week!}

7. Read two-three books per month



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perfect day

Sundays spent with Preston J are, by far, my favorite days. This past weekend was no exception. On Saturday, we got to celebrate with our sweet¬†friends at a piano+ wine bar¬†in San Clemente. It was fabulous. On Sunday, we went to go bike shopping for Preston – and lucked out! We now each have beach cruisers and couldn’t be any happier. Can you tell which one is mine?

The basket on my bike? Greatest invention since sliced bread. Perfect for my purse, jacket, groceries, library books – you name it. After we picked up P’s bike we headed for Fiesta del Sol in Solana Beach. We helped ourselves to fresh corn on the cob, a thai teriyaki scewer, chocolate covered strawberries and Italian Ice.

After our feast, a much needed bike ride to the beach ensued. It was beautiful and I have the sunburn to prove it!

On our way home, we stopped by the grocery store for P to get ingredients to cook dinner. He made a seriously delicious garlic spread and BBQ chicken salad – both of which were wonderful! He was sweet enough to get us Sparkling Cider and a York peppermint patty for dessert. It was the perfect at home date night!

How is your week going friends? We are looking forward¬†to having our friend Beth down this weekend as well as a Padres game on Sunday! I wish I had a fast forward button…


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fun at the zoo

Last weekend, we got the chance to go the San Diego Wild Animal Park (now renamed the Safari Park). ¬†Though Preston was slightly scarred from the many, many bird exhibits, we had a wonderful¬†time. I got to see giraffes, my favorite animal and baby elephants – I don’t think I could have asked for anything more! We¬†can’t wait¬†to try the¬†zip line and camping at the zoo¬†sometime in the near future!¬†Here are some photos of our day…

Did you know flamingos are pink because of the shrimp the eat? Amazing!

Thanks to P’s sister, Hannah, for taking this fun picture of us!

I can’t get enough of those sweet giraffes!

I’ve never met a jump sign I didn’t like…. ūüôā

Hope you are enjoying your Wednesday!


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patio upgrade

Our patio has been driving me crazy for about the last two months. It is easily our favorite part of our apartment – but has unfortunately been in decor limbo since we moved in. This weekend I made a few changes that have me falling in love with this space all over again! It is certainly not finished, but we are very happy with the progress. Here is the before…

I hate fake flowers. Truly despise them. However, I dislike empty pots on my table anymore – hence why they have been there for the past month.

Not to be dramatic (because I never am) but this little corner made me want to throw up every time I saw it. Seriously, what is going on there?!

The patio transformation began as any good transformation should, with a can of spray paint. I knew the black table had potential – but the color needed to be changed first. So myself, a few sheets of sand paper, spray primer and Satin Strawflower Rust-Oleum spray paint went to work on that bad boy. A few hours later we ended up with this:

As for the large green candle seen in the first picture, it had unfortunately been damaged beyond repair during the move to San Diego. My sweet bosses at my previous position in Las Vegas had given it to me and I loved it – a 3 foot tall candle, what’s not to love? However, the injuries sustained in the Uhaul made it unrepairable and I had to bid it farewell. The column, which I got a few years back from a Thrift Store for all of $8 was looking a little dull. Fortunately, it was nothing a little spray paint and a trip to the nursery for some lovely flowers couldn’t fix. I also found this rough looking piece of wood under our deck…

…Which was perfect for a little sign to tie in the yellow of our new ‘bench’ with the rest of the patio. Here are our after pictures:

(Deep cleaning our deck is next on my to-do list…)

I had mentioned here that I want to update the table to a bright fun color – which I still may. My question to you is, should I paint the table to match the yellow of the bench? Should I do a different color to mix it up a little? Or should I simply change the fabric on the seats to a fun pattern that has a little yellow mixed in?


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Lately we have been…

Eating wonderful food from neighborhood cafes (the world’s best veggie sandwich on gluten-free bread can be found here)

Enjoying events Preston plans at work, like his recent Meet the Brewer evening. I discovered this delicious beer Рeasily my new favorite! (P is pictured above with his sweet work girls!)

Planning upcoming vacations and dreaming up our future plans (picture above from my parent’s Chicago escapade)

We’ve been taking long walks in the beautiful sunshine – and finding pretty flowers EVERYWHERE. The city next us is supposed to be the ‘Flower Capital of the World’ and we are certainly not too far behind!

We’ve taken Sebastian to the dog park at the lagoon – where he enjoyed running in the water… and rolling in the mud.

I’ve been organizing our storage areas around the house… which of course led to finding old yearbooks and super cute pictures of Preston J!

And that has been our life lately! Well that, and obsessively watching American Idol of course. Hope you are all having a fabulous week!

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