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a little fun

In the midst of all this packing (not fun) we are switching things up and going to play with some of our favorite friends (fun!). Tomorrow we’re going to the USC tailgate (we’ll be attending the game too, but tailgating will clearly be the most important part of the day) with Justin and Kirsten! They got married a few weeks ago and had a beautiful ceremony and reception, here are a couple pictures of the fun we had…

If you couldn’t tell, I don’t trust myself enough to bring my Canon to any event involving drinks and dancing, so all above photos are courtesy of Preston’s phone.


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more seattle goodness

Surely you didn’t think I was only going to do one Seattle post? No chance. As it turns out, these are just the first the of many WA posts, because we are MOVNG TO SEATTLE! That’s right, moving. It hurts my little heart so much to be away from my family, friends, my favorite city. So we started thinking, and were so blessed because everything has fallen into place. Sure, there will be (and have been) a few bumps in the road (probably more than a few – it’s a 1,200 mile trip!) but they are more than worth it to be surrounded by the people I love day in and day out…

psst – the above picture is actually at our wedding venue! i am hopelessly in love with it.

Wedding dress shopping! it was an amazing experience thanks to the sweetest family, best girl friends and the wonderful owner of Belltown Bride, Melissa. Remy was the BEST right-hand man, letting us know what he thought Uncle Preston would like and making sure Ari got to try on enough flower girl dresses. You’re the best Remy Shae… even if you do forget all about me the second Preston comes into town 😉

this little angel is one of our sweet friend, Chrissy’s, beautiful twin girls 

clearly Olivia and Halle love being in sweet Mimi’s arms – look at those faces!


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summer sweetness

Speaking of summer updates, here is another! The past few weeks have been full of horse races, visiting with friends and family and enjoying the sun… except for today which is completely cloudy. I haven’t even begun touching my Seattle vacation pictures, but I will be sure to post those shortly (along with some jump-up-and-down happy news)!

Hope your summer is filled with faces as equally wonderful as that sweet puppy boy!

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good byes

I am terrible at good byes. I hate them with a passion and when confronted with them, I turn into a weepy mess. So naturally, I avoid them at all cost. As in, I do not schedule visits on the day I am leaving somewhere. I change plans at the last minute. I generally do not acknowledge the fact that I am leaving until I am walking into the airport and have gone through the terminal and am by myself or with only Preston.

I am working on it, kind of. But leaving Seattle this past Tuesday, I couldn’t do it. I really couldn’t. You see, saying I had an emotional week would be a major understatement. I was a sensitive, weeping fool. So saying goodbye to the sweet friends and heaven-sent family who dealt with me the past week wasn’t in the cards.  There was no way I would have ever been able to say, ‘You mean the world to me and I am so thankful God gave you His grace to deal with my thousand tears, nonstop plans and endless feelings. I love you with my whole heart and don’t come anywhere close to deserving you but am so happy you’re mine’ without some serious crying and hyperventilating.

So I didn’t. I didn’t text Molly, Deena or Jessica and I didn’t go get coffee with Lauren. I was already gone by the time Joel, Chrissy and the boys came over to the house. I didn’t coerce Remy into going to the airport with all of us (saying good bye to him is the worst). I didn’t say let the word ‘bye’ leave my lips as we exited Bekah’s works. And my mom, Hannah and Ari? I gave hugs. Lots of them. And kisses, lots of those too.  But I focused all of my energy onto making a big deal that I was missing my momma’s birthday the next day, not the fact that I was leaving. Because really, there was no way I could have put into words how much they meant to me and how much I would miss them, no way I could even try.

I know I will return soon. For good, and that makes me happy. But it doesn’t make it easier. I hate good byes, and so I avoid them. If your feelings have ever been hurt because I didn’t say goodbye when I left, or wish you goodbye when you did, I am truly sorry. But I hope you understand that it is because it hurts my heart, my soul, my mind to be separated from those I love dearly and so I generally save my tears for the kind, unassuming strangers on my airplane. God bless the sweet grandpa on my first flight who asked if I needed a glass of wine and then listened as I talked about my family and he about his. And bless you for dealing with my crazy hatred of good-byes.


“Life brings you unexpected places. Love brings you home.”


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enjoying july

We’re here! We’re alive! I have just been one terrible blogger. Spending time indoors, at my computer, rather than enjoying the beautiful July sunshine is just a little crazy to me. Preston (finally) had a weekend so we made the most of it and spent time at the beach, where I got dunked by the waves at least three times and at Malibu where we went to our favorite place in the world – M cafe! I also got to meet up with my sweet friend Doris again to enjoy another favorite – Indian food!

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a lovely girls day

I don’t have enough words to say how happy I was when I found out Doris was moving to San Diego. We went to high school together and she is, well, completely wonderful. And she loves food, antiques, food, festivals, food and shopping as much as I do. We have ongoing text, facebook and email conversations about all of the things we want to try in San Diego! First on our list was antique shopping in OB…

All of these pictures (and more!) are thanks to Doris! I can’t wait for our next date… Indian Food and beach?

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dear friends and family,

May you please all relocate from Seattle, Las Vegas and Texas to San Diego? And may you please do this quickly? We miss having friends. And I am quite in the mood to throw a dinner party. You see, if I were to throw dinner parties in San Diego, it would be for only for Preston and I… and then we would inevitably eat too much food and drink too much wine… and let’s be honest – my behind does not need excess of either! So, in an attempt to not-so-subtly encourage you to move closer to P, Sebastian and I – here are some images of the kind of get-togethers that have been on my mind lately…

A carnival party – how darling is the cupcake wheel?!

A breakfast birthday party! So sweet – I think we are going to have to do this next month when my sweet momma in law, Lisa comes to visit to celebrate her birthday (which was this past Saturday!)

A tea party – we used to have these at my Auntie Lori’s house for all the girls in the family. She would get us a new special tea cup for our birthday’s each year – I think this tradition should be restarted!

A desert party… need I say more?

An outdoor summer dinner party – how perfect are the cantaloupes?!

Speaking of fun events, when I head to Seattle in August, my momma, sister and I will be hosting a girls night on Saturday, August 6th at Hannah’s cute place in NE Tacoma! If you are a lady and will be in the area – join us for crafts, wine, relaxing and great company!

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