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dear friends and family,

May you please all relocate from Seattle, Las Vegas and Texas to San Diego? And may you please do this quickly? We miss having friends. And I am quite in the mood to throw a dinner party. You see, if I were to throw dinner parties in San Diego, it would be for only for Preston and I… and then we would inevitably eat too much food and drink too much wine… and let’s be honest – my behind does not need excess of either! So, in an attempt to not-so-subtly encourage you to move closer to P, Sebastian and I – here are some images of the kind of get-togethers that have been on my mind lately…

A carnival party – how darling is the cupcake wheel?!

A breakfast birthday party! So sweet – I think we are going to have to do this next month when my sweet momma in law, Lisa comes to visit to celebrate her birthday (which was this past Saturday!)

A tea party – we used to have these at my Auntie Lori’s house for all the girls in the family. She would get us a new special tea cup for our birthday’s each year – I think this tradition should be restarted!

A desert party… need I say more?

An outdoor summer dinner party – how perfect are the cantaloupes?!

Speaking of fun events, when I head to Seattle in August, my momma, sister and I will be hosting a girls night on Saturday, August 6th at Hannah’s cute place in NE Tacoma! If you are a lady and will be in the area – join us for crafts, wine, relaxing and great company!


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I am obsessing over these things lately…

Ciita del Mare hotel in Sicily

I love this video – I think it is fantastic these towns are using social media and creative methods to showcase their city pride!

I am looking forward to purchasing a little planner present for myself – coincidence that they will be restocked near my birthday? I think not.
Cheesecake stuffed strawberries are heaven! I made them this weekend and they rocked our world. 
After seeing the above image on Pinterest, I decided to try a healthy version, not knowing how they would turn out. The entire plate was gone within 24 hours… and it was only Preston and I! To make the the filling, combine low fat whipped cream cheese, nonfat plain Greek yogurt and sugar. Gut the strawberries, fill with cheesecake batter and then dip in crushed graham crackers. So easy and SO delicious!
The basket on my bike. When Preston got home on Saturday, we were planning on going out to celebrate the start of our weekend… but then got tempted by how great a nice late night bike ride sounded. We went to the store for wine and a movie – and threw it all in my basket! I could even bring my purse and a water – because it all fits in my basket! That thing rocks my world.
And last but not least, I am obsessing over all of the birthdays, weddings, graduations and other great events that we will be busy celebrating the next few months! What fun things are you loving lately?!


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summer lovin’

I so love summer. It makes me want to frolic on the beach in sundresses during the day and sip cocktails on the patio with P and Sebastian in the evening. Here are some things on my summer to-do (and wish) list…

 First I want to make this yummy key lime cake –

Step 1: Prepare three round 9″ pans by lining the bottoms of each with 9″ circles of wax paper.

Step 2: Grease the wax paper with Pam and then sprinkle with flour.

Step 3: Mix the cake mix, lime jello, oil, eggs, orange juice and water together for 2 to 3 minutes at medium speed.

Step 4: Pour an equal amount of the batter into each of the three lined cake pans.

Step 5: Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.

For the glaze-

Step 6: While the cakes are baking, knead two key limes against a hard surface to loosen the juice inside of them.

Step 7: Cut each of the key limes in half.

Step 8: Squeeze 1/4 cup of fresh key lime juice into a small bowl.

Step 9: Pour 1/4 cup of bottled lime juice into the bowl of fresh lime juice.

Step 10: Mix in 4 tbsp. of confectioners sugar.

When the cakes come of out the oven, and while they’re still warm, use a spoon to drizzle the glaze mixture onto the entire surface of each of them.

For the icing-

Step 11: Mix the margarine and cream cheese together.

Step 12: Mix in the remainder of the box of confectioners sugar.

Step 13: Add the vanilla, and mix until it’s smooth.

Step 14: Remove the first cake from its pan, discard the waxpaper on the bottom of it, and spread a layer of icing on the top of it.

Step 15: Remove and stack the second (wax paperless) cake on top of the first one, and spread a layer of icing on the top of it.

Step 16: Remove and stack the third (wax paperless) cake on top of the second one, and spread a layer of icing on the top of it. Use the remaining icing to cover the sides of the cake.

Then, eat and enjoy the deliciousness!

I would serve the key lime goodness with this fresh summer lemonade –

Strawberry Basil Lemonade:

2 parts Bacardi Dragonberry Rum
1 part lemon juice
1 part simple syrup (I used sweet lime juice instead)
3 basil leaves
3 strawberries (hulled and chopped)
2 parts Sprite (the recipe didn’t say how much to use but I did two parts)

Muddle two basil leaves and two strawberries, then add those to the fresh lemon juice, simple syrup and Bacardi rum in a shaker with a bunch of ice. Add the Sprite and you’re done:

strawberry basil lemomade

As for the wish part of my summer list, here it is. If I had a little bittle near by, which I so wish I did (I still have hope one of my older siblings will produce more perfect offspring and then spontaneously decide to move to San Diego) I would be fashionably hiking with the little bean as such…

How darn cute would Ari girl look in there? Source

My goal this summer is to get good at golf. Not unrealistically good, just good enough where I can play 18 holes, not get frustrated and  actually keep score. Embarrassing that I’m not even good enough to keep score, I know. I played on a course for my first time this past weekend (we went on Sat & Sun) and I had so much fun with my Preston J!

I’m also planning on creating some fun, DIY Patio Furniture. We have a table out there, but it just isn’t fun enough for me (it is our glass dining table that was in our kitchen eating area in our Las Vegas house, if you were wondering). I think we need something bright and energetic to go with our fabulous view, maybe something along these lines…


After receiving a note in the mail yesterday from my sweetheart of a friend Alex, I have decided this summer I will also be writing more letters. I love getting things in the mail and know others do, too! Preston happens to be one of these people, so feel free to send a heartfelt note to our mailbox to him so he doesn’t get jealous of all the pen pal letters in my future. 🙂 Here is my first, of many, letters to be sent to friends and family.

My last summer to-do item is to camp. On our patio. I picture candles, smores, waking up to the beach and sleeping in something similar to this

Happy summer, sweet friends!



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I have by no means consumed enough coffee to compose a real post today, instead here are sound bites of our life right now…

*I am proud to be an American – it looks like my patriotic planning was in fact, perfect timing

*What do you get the world’s best momma for Mother’s Day?


Make her one of these?

Or perhaps one of these with silhouettes of all her babes & grandbabes?

*Sweet potato fries and beer seem to be reoccurring themes in our life

*Could these family photos be any cuter? (She’s doing a giveaway on her blog today)

*I would love nothing more than a sewing machine

Does anyone have a spare Brother XL2600I?  

*I know how late I am, but I have to say it regardless. Kate Middleton was perfection on her special day.

I hope I look half as beautiful on my wedding day!

*We have great friends. And one fabulous, sunny weekend is not enough with them!

*If said great friends lived in SD, I would be making these this Thursday…



And probably these too


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a little patriotic planning

Naturally, with it being absolutely beautiful out today, my mind started to brainstorm all sorts of fun activities to do under the sun. And naturally, hosting an out-door shin dig on our porch was the first thing I thought of. It only follows, that I would head over to my favorite new website, to gather all sorts of inspiration.

All of the link love is on my pinterest board– give me a follow

I hope you are still willing to be my friend, despite the fact that I plan months in advance and get far too excited over any thing reminiscent of a holiday. I like to celebrate, what can I say?

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oh yellow

Oh yellow, you have my heart. You make me happy when skies are gray. You’ll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my yellow away.

These yellow yummies make my heart pitter-patter

Find the goodness here: Target bedding, Kenneth Jay Lane earrings (introduced to me by this fab blog), Garnet Hill rug, Etsy pillow, Live Love frame,  Yellow Fever polish, Toms shoes,  Vital cup, Donna Morgan dress, and I have NO clue where that cutesie yellow clutch is from – but I want it badly.

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