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seattle scenes

Autumn in the Northwest is so gorgeous. If I didn’t love my job, there is a chance I would drink hot chocolate and stare at the changing colors of the leaves all day every day. I am obsessed. So, here are a few quick phone photos to help spread the fall love…

We have had a busy few weeks here, I spent last week in New York for work, Preston got to attend his first SeaHawks game with friends this past weekend and so much more! I couldn’t be any more excited for the upcoming holidays – I may have had a day long e-mail chat with my sister today discussing Thanksgiving dishes and traditions we are excited to bring back and new ones we are going to implement! I will be sure to share those soon!
Have a fabulous week!

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one little red peacoat

If you need an extra dash of cuteness in your life, here are some pictures of my beautiful niece for you…

Besides taking pictures of  this sweet girl at every chance, this fall has found us having lots of family nights including Family Olympics, Family Iron Chef Night, Girls Nights, Red Robin French Fry Eating Competition Night (Preston and Remy were the only competitors for the record) and of course…

lawn golf! Can you tell I have missed living near family and friends jus a little bit?:) Preston and I have also had some great date nights, like eating a messy but delicious dinner here, discovering our new neighborhood favorite place and evening walks where we celebrate the return of red cups!

Cheers to the holiday season!

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Happy Halloween!

Here are scenes from our Happy Halloween spent with some of the cutest littles you will ever lay your eyes on. They were picture perfect in their costumes and we had a great time. Preston got a taste of a Seattle autumn – crisp and chilly, but oh so beautiful! Thank goodness for sweet family who come prepared with extra sweatshirts and blankets on hand:) Thank you to our awesome friends and family for letting us join you on this fun holiday!

And… let’s not forget that tomorrow is NOVEMBER! Which means it is acceptable to listen to Christmas music at all times, indulge in unlimited peppermint soy lattes, have 12 Pinterest boards dedicated to Christmas decor and watch the Family Stone weekly until Dec 25th!

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life snippets

It has been such a wonderful October. It seems like daily I tell Preston, “I want to savor every single little moment. I am SO happy! I love our life! You are so great!” This normally followed by him smiling and then telling me that I am the most overly excited person in the world… which may or may not be true.:) Time has been flying though, and since I’ve yet to sort (or even upload, for that matter) my pictures from this month… here is some other goodness for you.

+To make you smile – I wish I could freeze Ari how she is right now. She is so spunky. So fun. So full of laughter – the perfect example of what every little girl ought to be.

+These kitchens make my heart pitter-patter. I adore our tiny, little kitchen in our tiny, little condo but Preston and I completely may already have our heart set on the cute West Seattle home we’d like to buy after we’re married and I have every room planned.

 +Articles Club? Yes, absolutely! I’ve already picked the first one and informed my mom and sister that this is yet another one of my 10,000 plans I’m implementing. I’m thankful they are such great sports about my crazy antics and never-ending planning.

+Speaking of planning, how beautiful is this for wedding planning inspiration? If I was getting married anytime near the holidays, I would use that beautiful shade of red in anything and everything. 

picture via, i love autumn

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words to remember

{found via}

I need to remember this – each and every day. I know who I am, and I know what I want, and I am so blessed with an amazing life. I do not want to let things upset me, but I don’t want to lose my empathy or sensitivity. I want to be strong and independent, but have wonderful relationships. I want to be able to share the things I’m proud of, but not ever be boastful. It is a balance that I am learning every day.

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pumpkin picking

On Saturday, my sister and I took the little ones to Maris Brothers Farm for some fall activities. Have I mentioned how much I love fall? 🙂 It was a fabulous day – I am so thankful to be able to do fun things with my sweet family on a regular basis! If you are reading this and your name is Hannah, and you are my sister, and you instructed me not to post pictures of you on this post, stop reading… because I didn’t listen… but I really love you!

If pig races aren’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen…

then surely this is.

Spider Man ready to go pick out the perfect pumpkin (he picked out the best one for his family, don’t worry I swooped up the second best for preston and I)

Please notice Remy’s perfect form, my crazy hair and alarmed face, Arianna’s look of pure joy mixed with a little bit of what-in-the-world-is-going-on? and of course, my mismatched and inside out socks. 

I think I live my life in a permanent stage of cornfusion…

Emerging photographer, Remy Shae’s work is above. 

It’s not a perfect autumn day without a pony ride!

Cheers to autumn days – hope yours are treating you fabulously!

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p+m facts

+ one month we have lived in Seattle

+700 sq feet – the size of our West Seattle condo

+8 cups of coffee consumed last week after purchasing our new coffee maker

+862 times I smiled yesterday after buying my Prius that I have wanted for months

+9 minutes in the morning spent on the commute to work in the morning with my favorite carpool buddy preston j

+26 times I smiled last night while watching that same favorite carpool buddy play flag football

+8 times preston has melted because arianna has planted a big smooch on him

+2 years of dating celebrated by surprise tickets to keith urban!

+countless hugs, tears and happiness to be in Seattle

{i know i’m lame for a post with no pictures – i will compensate soon}

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