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serious issues…

…called shower curtains. Yes, I am serious. Yes, I know it is ridiculous. But these are things nobody tells you about growing up – that you are going to search endlessly for two weeks searching for the perfect shower curtain and fail miserably. I have checked Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Antropology, Urban Outfitters, Amazon, Wal Mart and Etsy. As usual, the only one I found that I loved was above my shower curtain budget, which has gone from $30 to $50 to $75. So, I did what anybody with a problem searching for an answer would do. I went to Pinterest…

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{image sources can be found here}

So there it is, our bathroom will be pulling inspiration from these beauties and will have a grey, yellow, light blue color scheme. I thought about painting but in a recent slew of events (meaning I hired the world’s slowest painter because I have terrible luck but that is a whole other post) we are sticking with the light blue and I am going to rock it! And that, my friends, is my serious bathroom issue. Which I should probably not say since that sounds a little awkward…


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movin’ on up!

Moving is on our mind over here in the p+m household! I pulled out the cardboard boxes yesterday, have listed all of our only-suited-for-our-Carlsbad-apartment furniture on Craigslist, cleaned out the nightstands (ok, that’s a lie, I have only made a plan to clean out the nightstands) and couldn’t be more excited about this adventure! Preston wrote a letter to me for my birthday and in it said something to the effect of, “I love that we don’t let anything intimidate us. Things that take people 5 years to do, we do in a matter of months. We make goals and don’t let anything stop us.” I love that too and couldn’t imagine embarking on this trip with anyone but my Preston J (and Sebastian).

As much as I love conquering our goals and knowing that we are headed to my favorite place, packing is not fun. It’s just not. And I am not very good for it. The day before I left to move three states away for college, I hadn’t packed a thing. Were it not for my sweet best friend Lauren (and her mad packing skills) I would have probably arrived at UNLV with only a few bathing suits and craft supplies…. ya know, the essentials.

Thankfully, this whole process is much, much easier because my sweet family has been apartment scouting for us. And knowing we only have a one bedroom place to pack is far less intimidating than a large house.  But of course, there are still some very pressing issues running through my mind right now…

+If we tow Preston’s car (I already sold mine, yay!) could Sebastian, Preston and I all fit in the front of our moving truck? (Serious question)

+After office supplies, what should I pack first? Clothes? Towels? Kitchen supplies?

+Obviously we won’t take any perishable food, but is it bad for things like spices and flour to sit in a car or moving truck for a several day drive?

+Is it worth it to spend $10/ piece on the plastic moving containers you can find at Target? I have a strange fear of bugs getting into cardboard boxes… or unpacking and everything smelling like old lady clothes…

+Our apartment now has SO much storage. We are spoiled with it. When we move, this will likely not be the case. What do I get rid of?! My body lotions? Extra towels? Clothes? Picture frames?

Well, I think that about sums it up. Advice? Think I am nuts for considering riding with a St. Bernard on my lap for 4 days? Any and all moving tips are helpful!


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diy pinata

My dear love, Pinterest, gave me the inspiration for a DIY pinata. Then, the cute couple at YHL made one and I decided I had to jump on this bandwagon. With my nephew’s, Remington, 5th birthday right around the corner I decided that this was the perfect time to test out the fun. It didn’t turn out perfect, but with five nephews and a neice, and many more birthdays ahead of us, I have plenty of time to get better. I started with these supplies…

You will need newspaper, tissue paper, flour, water and a balloon. I ended up using a  normal balloon because I couldn’t find a pull string balloon anywhere! And by anywhere, I mean Target or Wal-Mart, which are the two places I figured would absolutely have them! That was my biggest mistake. Next time I will absolutely search long and hard to make sure I have one! After blowing up the balloon, I began to cut my newspaper (which is really just all of the JoAnns ads I save because we don’t get the newspaper.) As you can see below, I did 3-4 inch strips, which was no bueno. I recommend doing at least six inch strips of paper.

And then I mixed the flour and water (2 parts water to 1 part flour) to make the paper mache.

Next, I channelled my first grade self and got to work paper-maching that balloon! I let it dry overnight, then had to mache a little extra, let it sit and then used a blow dryer to (what I thought was) finish ‘er off.

Next, I popped the balloon and was getting ready to place the final string on the pinata when I noticed a little crack on the back.  Upon picking up the hard, hollow ball of Joann Ads, (aka my pinata) I realized that the little crack had turned into a large crack. I highly recommend extra layers of mache and extra days of drying, my friends! Fortunately, I had some wire and duct tape that I used to awkwardly patch up the situation. I have no idea what this is going to look like when Remy tries to crack his personal pinata, but hey, I did what I could when faced with pinata disaster. After your hopefully non-craked and round (rather than egg-shaped) pinata is ready to go, you cut an opening in the bottom to add all of your goodies. Because this is a personal pinata, I limited the candy (somewhat) and added water balloons and cash.

Next, I cut out circles of tissue paper and layered them one upon another to create a final product that looks as such…

If you are hoping for a better tutorial, with a much cuter finished project, go here. I am so looking forward to making more of these in the future, they are cheap, fun and relatively fast (in actual crafting time, not waiting.) I will keep you posted as to Remy’s opinion on it – until then, I am wishing the pinata good luck and safe travels on the trek from San Diego to Seattle!

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patio upgrade

Our patio has been driving me crazy for about the last two months. It is easily our favorite part of our apartment – but has unfortunately been in decor limbo since we moved in. This weekend I made a few changes that have me falling in love with this space all over again! It is certainly not finished, but we are very happy with the progress. Here is the before…

I hate fake flowers. Truly despise them. However, I dislike empty pots on my table anymore – hence why they have been there for the past month.

Not to be dramatic (because I never am) but this little corner made me want to throw up every time I saw it. Seriously, what is going on there?!

The patio transformation began as any good transformation should, with a can of spray paint. I knew the black table had potential – but the color needed to be changed first. So myself, a few sheets of sand paper, spray primer and Satin Strawflower Rust-Oleum spray paint went to work on that bad boy. A few hours later we ended up with this:

As for the large green candle seen in the first picture, it had unfortunately been damaged beyond repair during the move to San Diego. My sweet bosses at my previous position in Las Vegas had given it to me and I loved it – a 3 foot tall candle, what’s not to love? However, the injuries sustained in the Uhaul made it unrepairable and I had to bid it farewell. The column, which I got a few years back from a Thrift Store for all of $8 was looking a little dull. Fortunately, it was nothing a little spray paint and a trip to the nursery for some lovely flowers couldn’t fix. I also found this rough looking piece of wood under our deck…

…Which was perfect for a little sign to tie in the yellow of our new ‘bench’ with the rest of the patio. Here are our after pictures:

(Deep cleaning our deck is next on my to-do list…)

I had mentioned here that I want to update the table to a bright fun color – which I still may. My question to you is, should I paint the table to match the yellow of the bench? Should I do a different color to mix it up a little? Or should I simply change the fabric on the seats to a fun pattern that has a little yellow mixed in?


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projects, projects, projects

I like projects. I mean, I really really like projects. While at the Carlsbad Fair this weekend, Preston laughed at me because each time I found something I liked, he would ask me if I wanted it, and I would excitedly say, “No…I want to make it!” If only I was ambitious as I make myself out to be. While I would love to be working on huge, crazy, blog-worthy projects, I’m sticking to cute cards and mini projects due to time, budget and space restraints. However, if these weren’t an issue, I would so be making all of these…

Shutter organizer – cute AND budget friendly!


DIY mini ottomans – yes please!

Home made chandelier – heaven!

How cute! Once I get my sewing machine, I’m all over this!

Would it be way goofy to do these with P & M?

Want to know what makes me even more excited that crafting? Knowing that in exactly one week I get to see this sweet family! Until then I will be busying myself making these Cinco de Mayo treats, creating lots of birthday & graduation cards and day dreaming about big projects!

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