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We’ve Moved!

PM PhotoSweet friends, we’ve moved! Both literally (we’re in Austin now!) and figuratively, I’m now blogging over here. Hope to see you there!


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sad goodbye

My parents left and I miss them already. Fortunately, I get to see them in 3 short weeks! You would think that in the five years and many goodbyes since I have moved from Seattle, they would get easier. The only think I’ve gotten better at is not crying in the moment but rather saving my tears for the second they leave (lucky Preston ;)). We had so much fun with them. They spoiled us with infused olive oils, Napa wine, a Costco run and so much more. Preston spoiled us with brewery tours and a comp dinner. And I, uh, brought along my great smile?

I’ve never been a beer person, not even a little bit. But moving to San Diego and having SO many delicious craft beers everywhere, I have completely changed! Next on our list is Temecula wineries, which we will hopefully get to this month. ūüôā

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from Sebastian and me!

This was our wonderfully lazy Saturday morning – it couldn’t have been any better. It was an overall terrific weekend at casa de p+m, we hope yours was equally as great!

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I have by no means consumed enough coffee to compose a real post today, instead here are sound bites of our life right now…

*I am proud to be an American – it looks like my patriotic planning was in fact, perfect timing

*What do you get the world’s best momma for Mother’s Day?


Make her one of these?

Or perhaps one of these with silhouettes of all her babes & grandbabes?

*Sweet potato fries and beer seem to be reoccurring themes in our life

*Could these family photos be any cuter? (She’s doing a giveaway on her blog today)

*I would love nothing more than a sewing machine

Does anyone have a spare Brother XL2600I?  

*I know how late I am, but I have to say it regardless. Kate Middleton was perfection on her special day.

I hope I look half as beautiful on my wedding day!

*We have great friends. And one fabulous, sunny weekend is not enough with them!

*If said great friends lived in SD, I would be making these this¬†Thursday…



And probably these too


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friday flashback

Being as I embarrassed P last week, I have decided it only fair to offer some back in the day goodness of myself. And by goodness, I mean chubby-cheeked, crazy-haired, less- cute-than-baby-Preston photos of mini Morgan.

It looks as if I may have been storing that donut in my large cheeks Рa Sunday School snack perhaps?

I know, I know, I have had great fashion sense from the very beginning!

I wouldn’t want to hog this post’s picture glory all to myself – so here are my brothers and sisters as well!¬†(Joel,¬†Beka,¬†Hannah, Jesse and little me)¬†

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a milkshake, hug and alligator tears

We had already enjoyed our ridiculously filling Sunday brunch. But, nonetheless, we decided we would go out for a quick dinner that evening. We decided on Smashburger, justifying it as research for the future restaurant we plan on opening with my wonderful stepdad, Gary. We split this and enjoyed every sip.

As we were eating I noticed a homeless woman eating a few booths away from us. My heart was already hurting; the 3 month anniversary of my father passing away was the next day. I saw this woman and wanted to give her a hug, give her a bed to stay, do something. But I did nothing.

And then we left. My stomach felt sick. I remembered there was an ATM machine near my and got out money to give her. When found her, I put it in her bag and she smiled for a second but didn‚Äôt say anything. I smiled back and turned to walk away. As I turned, she said, ‚ÄúI would give you a hug but I wouldn‚Äôt want anyone to have to get near this basketcase.‚ÄĚ She was trying to make light of her situation, but it broke my heart. I turned and gave her a hug, one of the big, tight ones my mom is so great at giving. I think I needed it more than she did.

I went back to Preston in the car. And then I cried big alligator tears. He held my hand. And that was our Sunday.

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etsy goodness

Today I am swooning over 945 Etsy finds that I want right now…


Mrs. Jones Soapbox – find her products here

I would get these bad boys in a second Рif only we had our own laundry room to display cutesy cleaning and laundry supplies. Right now we share with the house below us, which works out great, except for times like right now when I would kill to decorate a laundry room. 

I am in love with this little pillow guy – find him here

SAY YES, Typographic Fine Art Print, handwritten words on Handmade Watercolor Paper 8x12 inches, Wedding gift, 

How cute would these look framed next to each other?! Print via

25 Brown Polka Dot Baking Cups/Nut Cups   Dainty Pinwheels for Cupcakes or decorations (12) 

  Gray and White Paper Straws and Sprinkles   50 Yellow Barber Striped Cupcake Liners

Stripes & polka dots – heaven! Find ’em here and here

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