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case of the mondays

This morning was completely one of those I-want-to-lay-in-bed-all-day-long kind of days. A serious case of the Mondays. I am going to attribute it to the fact that we had an absolutely fabulous weekend and I didn’t want it to end! It started last Thursday night when we drove to Vegas for a quick daycation. We love, love, LOVED getting to see our special people – our friends, Preston’s family, my brother’s family and even my dad who was in town for a few days! It was fabulous – if only we could steal all of them and bring them back to San Diego.

We came back late Friday night so Preston could make his early morning meeting with his new work team. We spring cleaned all day and then did a little car shopping (I’m in the market!) followed by an evening at Preston’s new restaurant which was seriously delicious. The next morning we enjoyed brunch at our new favorite brunch spot – yum!

Holy deliciousness

This restaurant is also located right next to tons of great shopping, which we obviously had to check out after.

Preston looks great in his new outfit!

And just for fun here are a few pictures from last weekend at Disneyland…

Yes that’s us in the matching sweatshirts…

His favorite – Disney turkey legs

I’m going to blame my crazy face & hair on the crazy rain!


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scratch & sniff

If this picture really did smell, you’d be gagging.

As sweet of a dog as Sebastian is, he has the world’s. worst. gas. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I spoon feed him frozen yogurt… or sneak him bites of pulled chicken….

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busy bees

Happy Tuesday! This weekend we were busy bees and got the chance to see some of our sweet friends and family who were visiting, so fun! We spent lots of time at Disneyland and ate more than I wish to remember. Seriously… why must Disney have the world’s best theme park food?!

Last night we decided to get a little adventurous and Preston made gluten-free pizza from coconut flour. The first attempt was a big fail…  it was my fault, I told him he could use wax paper instead of parchment paper. Oops. The second attempt, however, was scrumptious and our bbq chicken pizza with pineapple and corn was pure heaven. If you want to try this cheesy goodness, get the recipe here.

Because I am a huge goof and didn’t take any pictures this weekend, here is my nephew Remy who had his first T-ball game this weekend!

Remy and Riley – T-ball superstars

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bow chicka wow wow

Sometimes I say that when I get really excited. And today I am really excited. For those of you who did not see my over-the-top-I’m-a-crazy-person-because-I-get-so-happy Facebook status yesterday, Preston got a fabulous job offer!

It is a general management position overseeing two restaurants; one of which he will get to open. They are delicious family owned pizzerias — and both restaurants are a 15 minute drive from our home. Now, my selfish reason for being crazy excited – we will get to have a day off together! We haven’t been able to do this since I started working full time, I have the weekend off and P has Tues/Wed off. But now we will get Sundays together. I can’t wait for all of the church-going, fun-having, adventure-finding Sundays in our future!

Congratulations, Preston! You rock my world. Not only because you are climbing the career ladder – but for about 7,453 other reasons. For those of you unaware of how fab P Simon is, here are (some of) my top reasons:

*He ALWAYS gets the right milk. This may not be a big deal to some, but I am a milk freak. As in I refuse to drink anything but organic, skim milk (Horizon or Trader Joe’s brand). I never remind him or even request that he gets this kind, but he gets the right kind every. single. time.

*When we watch the Green Mile and I request that Preston show me his thug walk, he not only shows it to me, but sags his pants and puts on a huge hoodie and hat to get to get into character.

*P doesn’t get mad when I kind-of, sorta accidentally rip down the surround sound speaker and then yank the cord from underneath the carpet and hide it in the corner in an attempt to cover up my mess-up.

*He also doesn’t get mad when I leave the backyard gate open everyday for a week straight and he gets to chase Sebastian through the neighborhood… oops!

*He brings me home fresh flowers from the hut down the street every week (I love this– even if he is only doing it in exchange for marketing plans)

*He looks at me and smiles when I say seriously strange wine-induced things… like that I feel like a cauliflower.

*He cracks my back every night… even when I forget to ask him to until we’re under the warm covers and he’s half asleep

*He is ridiculously good looking

Congratulations again, I am so proud of you!

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p+m 50

I mentioned yesterday that I went to the AMA Cause Conference. At one point, a panel moderator stood up and told a story about how when you’re young you have big ideas about changing the world and as you grow older and wiser, eventually you realize that the best thing to change is yourself. I loved this and took the idea home to Preston, saying I wanted to do more good – wanted to make myself a better person. I don’t need to change the world, I just want to make a difference in someone else’s life. We decided we were going to do 50 acts of kindness – simple things that improve the lives of others. We decided our wedding (Aug 11, 2012 :)) was a perfect deadline.

So today marks #1! I had the privilege of hearing the  Director of Development of Kiva, Bennett Grassano speak yesterday. Kiva is the first (to my knowledge) NPO that allows donors to microlend to individuals all over the world. They explain it best, saying “we [have a] mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, [we] let individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world.” The best part, in my opinion, is that it allows you to see the people who you are helping and how they will be using the loan for their business. Oh! And, because they are loans, they repay you once they have utilized the loan to grow their business and you are able to lend to others to continue to help people – amazing!

p+m random act of kindness 1 – give a microloan of $25 to Janixia Los Santos Castellon of Leon, Nicaragua for her transportation business

Another thing I like about Kiva (I think that’s the 945th thing!) is they give you the option to add a $3.75 onto your donation to help with their operating costs. Genius! If you make a donation with Kiva, absolutely do this!! I think people often forget that NPOs are businesses, they have operating expenses too. I appreciate their transparency in letting you know exactly where your money is going.

I am excited to hear how Janixia and her business continue to grow, and I am excited to brainstorm the next 49 acts of kindness with P. Suggestions welcome!

And how could I forget, Happy St. Patricks day!

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philanthropy & beer

Most of the time we eat healthy. I’m talking greek yogurt and mangoes every morning, lots of veggies with dinner every night. But the last two evenings we have taken full advantage of the delicious Carlsbad restaurants and got our grub on. Tonight it was Pizza Port, where we feasted on Cheeseburger pizza, (told you we grubbed!) wings, cheese sticks (Wing Wed – only 35 cents a piece!) and treated ourselves to some Carlsbad Cream Ale. In our defense, we walked to dinner and opted for the gluten free pizza crust (which was seriously delish).

Seriously, I want to know the secret to their gf crust – heaven

Last night we enjoyed Taco Tuesday at Senor Grubby’s and I tasted my first shrimp taco ever. Yum. They do some sort of cheese, white sauce goodness and fresh cabbage slaw — no description I give is going to do it justice. Try it people. P had al pastor tacos and they rocked his world. Again, we walked there which was a good thing, because feasting on chips and guac, Tecate and tacos meant we needed a little work out. But man was it worth it!

Preston is precious and got us all the salsas from the salsa bar – then ordered them mild to spicy, my fav was 2nd spiciest!

Today I got the opportunity to attend San Diego American Marketing Association’s Cause Marketing Conference. Being surrounded by such charitable companies and diligent nonprofits was incredible! I left feeling completely inspired. More info on these INCREDIBLE people/ companies to come.

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project-filled weekend

It was a fabulous (ok, semi fabulous) weekend for crafting and our home is coming along wonderfully. My goal for Sunday was to finish the window treatments. Unfortunately, World Market, Bed, Bath & Beyond AND Anthropologie had other plans for me….sigh. I found a panel that I loved at each store and when I searched for it’s mate, I was told that there was only one. stinking. panel. left. It felt a little bit like my heart was being stomped on. (It’s a good thing I’m not dramatic…)

However, I compromised and purchased the 84′ panels instead of the 95′ ones for our room and they look good. But not great. I haven’t made up my mind on if they are keepers yet. I also spray painted everything I could get my hands on and reupholstered our kitchen stools. As soon as I put our apt back together (we had the carpets cleaned this morning) I will post pictures. 🙂

In other news, Preston got transferred to the Sammy’s location right next to our house…Woohoo!! We are both fans of the 6 min commute vs the 36 min one! And Sebastian has decided he is terrified of the two 3 lb dogs that live downstairs. He shakes and won’t leave my side when they try to play with him, I’m not sure if that is typical of a St. Bernard….

And, because our home is chaos, he is some picture goodness from somebody who actually has their home in order:


This little chair/ table combo is inspiration for our bedroom, via

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