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more seattle goodness

Surely you didn’t think I was only going to do one Seattle post? No chance. As it turns out, these are just the first the of many WA posts, because we are MOVNG TO SEATTLE! That’s right, moving. It hurts my little heart so much to be away from my family, friends, my favorite city. So we started thinking, and were so blessed because everything has fallen into place. Sure, there will be (and have been) a few bumps in the road (probably more than a few – it’s a 1,200 mile trip!) but they are more than worth it to be surrounded by the people I love day in and day out…

psst – the above picture is actually at our wedding venue! i am hopelessly in love with it.

Wedding dress shopping! it was an amazing experience thanks to the sweetest family, best girl friends and the wonderful owner of Belltown Bride, Melissa. Remy was the BEST right-hand man, letting us know what he thought Uncle Preston would like and making sure Ari got to try on enough flower girl dresses. You’re the best Remy Shae… even if you do forget all about me the second Preston comes into town 😉

this little angel is one of our sweet friend, Chrissy’s, beautiful twin girls 

clearly Olivia and Halle love being in sweet Mimi’s arms – look at those faces!



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