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a lovely girls day

I don’t have enough words to say how happy I was when I found out Doris was moving to San Diego. We went to high school together and she is, well, completely wonderful. And she loves food, antiques, food, festivals, food and shopping as much as I do. We have ongoing text, facebook and email conversations about all of the things we want to try in San Diego! First on our list was antique shopping in OB…

All of these pictures (and more!) are thanks to Doris! I can’t wait for our next date… Indian Food and beach?


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diy pinata

My dear love, Pinterest, gave me the inspiration for a DIY pinata. Then, the cute couple at YHL made one and I decided I had to jump on this bandwagon. With my nephew’s, Remington, 5th birthday right around the corner I decided that this was the perfect time to test out the fun. It didn’t turn out perfect, but with five nephews and a neice, and many more birthdays ahead of us, I have plenty of time to get better. I started with these supplies…

You will need newspaper, tissue paper, flour, water and a balloon. I ended up using a  normal balloon because I couldn’t find a pull string balloon anywhere! And by anywhere, I mean Target or Wal-Mart, which are the two places I figured would absolutely have them! That was my biggest mistake. Next time I will absolutely search long and hard to make sure I have one! After blowing up the balloon, I began to cut my newspaper (which is really just all of the JoAnns ads I save because we don’t get the newspaper.) As you can see below, I did 3-4 inch strips, which was no bueno. I recommend doing at least six inch strips of paper.

And then I mixed the flour and water (2 parts water to 1 part flour) to make the paper mache.

Next, I channelled my first grade self and got to work paper-maching that balloon! I let it dry overnight, then had to mache a little extra, let it sit and then used a blow dryer to (what I thought was) finish ‘er off.

Next, I popped the balloon and was getting ready to place the final string on the pinata when I noticed a little crack on the back.  Upon picking up the hard, hollow ball of Joann Ads, (aka my pinata) I realized that the little crack had turned into a large crack. I highly recommend extra layers of mache and extra days of drying, my friends! Fortunately, I had some wire and duct tape that I used to awkwardly patch up the situation. I have no idea what this is going to look like when Remy tries to crack his personal pinata, but hey, I did what I could when faced with pinata disaster. After your hopefully non-craked and round (rather than egg-shaped) pinata is ready to go, you cut an opening in the bottom to add all of your goodies. Because this is a personal pinata, I limited the candy (somewhat) and added water balloons and cash.

Next, I cut out circles of tissue paper and layered them one upon another to create a final product that looks as such…

If you are hoping for a better tutorial, with a much cuter finished project, go here. I am so looking forward to making more of these in the future, they are cheap, fun and relatively fast (in actual crafting time, not waiting.) I will keep you posted as to Remy’s opinion on it – until then, I am wishing the pinata good luck and safe travels on the trek from San Diego to Seattle!

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sending love…

…to our many, many friends who just graduated – you did it! We are so blessed to know so many wonderful, smart, talented people and are beyond excited to see all that you go into the world and accomplish! I am SO far beyond on my congratulation cards – they are coming though! P and I are having a blast trying to navigate this world as recent graduates, so while we may not have it all figured out we thought what we would share what we do know!

Preston – Take a risk. Don’t just settle for the very first job you get offered if you aren’t completely happy with it.

Morgan – Don’t worry! Breathe! This is one of the first time’s in our lives that things aren’t mapped out. After MANY years of school, summer, school, summer, school, we’ve now ventured into uncharted territory. While scary, it is also exciting. The world is at our finger tips! It is easy to get a little nervous when every grandma, uncle, friend of a friend is asking, “What’s next? Now what!? Where are you going to work? Where have you interviewed?” News flash: Most people do not have their job or next move planned the day they graduate. I read that as many as 84% of recent college graduates are unemployed at graduation. Take time, enjoy your freedom! You don’t need to take the first offer you get, or the second, or the third. Take a chance! The most important thing is your happiness. It is not worth it to do something you don’t love. Don’t let money drive your decisions. Trust yourself – and remember to enjoy every second, even when you have no idea what the next moment may bring!

Because every post is better with pictures, here are some of the beautiful new graduates…

Molly graduated from Gonzaga University, where she majored in Applied Communications. On her blog, she writes, “I hope this blog will inspire you to be creative and think big. Life is crazy, but that does not mean you have to be. Enjoy simplicity.” You inspire me everyday Molly!

Lauren graduated from UNLV, where she majored in Comprehensive Medical Imaging. Doesn’t that make you feel smarter just saying it?! Despite having to take the hardest courses UNLV has to offer, working crazy hours while also completing her clinicals, she is always SO thoughtful! She never forgets a single event (birthday, good byes, graduation), always makes amazing handmade goodness (seen all throughout our home), and is perfect in just about every way! Thank you for always being such an incredible role model L Bap!

There is no way we could ever say enough great things about these two. Sweet, loving, funny, ALWAYS positive, smart, generous, caring – you name it, they’ve got it. They both graduated from UNLV, where they studied Hospitality. Toph and Caitlin – you brighten our life and we are so proud of you!

Cheers to the wonderful graduates! We are now selfishly hoping that you all get fabulous, too-good-to-turn-down job offers in San Diego and are forced to come live near us! 🙂


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carlsbad fun

We are so loving our little beach town. Carlsbad is quieter than the more metropolitan areas of San Diego and we are enjoying everything it has to offer, like….

Preston surprised me with a rockclimbing date yesterday evening!

We went to Vital and had a blast – we have the blistered hands to prove it! I’m not going to lie, rock climbing is harder than I remember. This place is totally funky fresh (do people say that?) and I can’t wait to go back and try it again. If you live in SD, go try it – your first time is free!

When we came home from our fun evening, we were not surpised to find our front door open.

Turns out this monkey learned how to open the sliding door all by himself.

We can’t even pretend like we’re mad at him. In fact, we consider ourselves pretty lucky to have a genius dog. Surely he is related to Beethoven.

We enjoyed the rest of our Monday evening cuddling with Mr. Sebastian and baking these bad boys…


 So far all of our Easter decor seems to revolve around food!

I go to work a little late on Tuesdays, so this morning P and I took a walk along the ocean and ate some yummy breakfast here.


Even the gloomy days are beautiful!

I am so glad we chose to share – our sandwich was huge!

It is so nice to be able to relax together – our schedules have been so in sync lately. We are able to try new things, plan adventures and dream up our future life together. It is safe to say I am loving every second!


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the perfect sunday

I truly don’t think today could have been any better. I probably told Preston 60 times ‘this is the best date of my whole life!’ We went to our first Padres game (courtesy of one of P’s vendors) and loved every second…

Good seats and tailgate parking – we were happy folk!

P was sweet enough to get my favorite hummus for our pregame snack!

We got lucky and found our softball mitts in the trunk!

The Padres beat the Dodgers 7-2 and when we came home, we took the world’s best nap followed by dinner on the deck.What a great day!

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