Wahoo! I feel like every time I mention our wedding, I need to add a little ‘wahoo’ or ‘yippy’ because I am so excited. Keep 8-11-2012 reserved for us 🙂 Our venue is secured, check out our cutesie chapel and beautiful reception venue here.

7/7 update – In less than a month I will be in Seattle in busy-bee planning mode! I love everything about weddings, but the dress hasn’t ever been a huge thing to me. I will wear one and it will (I hope!) be beautiful, but I love planning the experience that P and I and our family and friends will enjoy rather than thinking about what I will wear. With that said, my mom and Preston’s momma have made me so excited for our bridal boutique appointments next month because of their excitement! A few days ago Lisa said, “I think we should just have fun with it and you should try on everything, even the crazy dresses!” A woman after my own heart! I am officially giddy about this process – thanks to my sweet mommas!

6/7 update – Preston is set on a honeymoon in Bora Bora. He liked the South of France idea for a while but is now back to the good ol’ BB. Me? I will be happy anywhere with a beach, sun and my Preston. (I wouldn’t mind if said place has zip lining, hiking, delicious cocktails and beautiful accomodations as well…)

5/18 update – Found a darn adorable possible rehearsal dinner venue! Talking with our families and the place to see if it is a go – my little fingers are crossed!

5/5 update – Day dreamed about Cinco de Mayo wedding cuteness.

4/27 update – Discovered my latest wedding plan love, Pinterest. I have been waiting for about a week for an invitation (its invitation only, fancy pancy)and was starting to feel like I was back in Elementary school and was the last one being picked for a Dodgeball team. But lo and behold, I recieved my invite yesterday and am an inspired, Internet loving girl today. 

4/18 update – Our honeymoon love right now is the South of France. Who knows if it will be the same in 2 days or 2 weeks let alone a year and a half, but we are sure having fun thinking about all the vacation goodness!

4/11 update – I created some cutesie mood boards, see them here

3/23 update – A temp reserve is placed on a couple of places for the Rehearsal Dinner – nothing set in stone yet, we want to keep our options open 🙂 So far these options include Wild Ginger & The Metroplitan Grill.

3/17  update – My padre has reserved a block of hotel rooms at the beautiful Clearwater Resort. It sits right on the water and has a natural, rustic beauty that I love! He was sweet enough to get P and I a beautiful suite too! 🙂

2/ 21 update – My sweetheart parents have been filling their weekends going to Seattle wedding shows to scout out vendors for them, how wonderful are they?! My dad has even found a gluten-free European style bakery, possibly for our cake! Fun!


4 responses to “wedding

  1. Lisa Whipple

    Hey MoMo!
    I adore the chapel! It’s Perfect! I love you all!

  2. I was scared that you were not going to get married In Wa! PHEEEEEEEEW!!

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